My legion suddenly has got less powergrid

My problem is not with 100mn ab or 1600 plate. I could live with that, since in terms of pure dps and tank legion had been quite mediocre anyway.

My problem is no medium-sized neut with specialized neuting subsystem, that i previously could use and that worked well against most solo ships of similar size w/o two cap battaries.

Now it is just a worse ham+armor loki with no unique features.

well, I might have been a little too emotional when writing my first post.
I was parked off in a distant wh, getting ready to give a surprise to a few locals, when i realised the ship i was flying was, well, broken and unable to fight.

Not to mention two to four multiple pilot training certificates, now completely wasted on two twinks, since in the middle of their training I’ve realised that the setup I was training for is useless.

So yeah, I did feel a bit… disappoinnted.
Oh well! Loki+widow are now getting ready for abandoned castles)

That’s a really long post for ‘i’m too dumb to read patch notes’.

It’s not even a balance change from a couple years ago or something. This was literally last week.

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