My legion suddenly has got less powergrid

TL/DR - why kill the only half-decent T3 cruiser besides loki, and why do it in such a creepy manner?

Long version.
Just imagine my initial confusion.
I’m in the middle of nowhere, roaming wormholes, and when I log in the other day I find that half of the modules on my legion are off due to the lack of powergrid (ok, not half, but still).

Ok, change, gotta love change, gotta adapt, adjust my fit, choose another ship, or get the f out, cancel subscription on 2 chars, and go play easy games like WoW or something… Yeah, I’ve heard that, said it myself, so spare your breath.

I just wonder. Thousands of players, each probably trying their best to get the tightest fit possible to get some 20 more dps or 100 more tank or whatever, to get the edge over the other guy. Suddenly thousands of them - docked in their wormhole astrahuses (astrahii?), parked in promising spots in low, logged off in space roaming null… all these guys log in to suddenly find that somehow, for no clear reason whatsoever, the ship they’ve been flying had been changed right under their backsides.

If I get surprised my the sudden sound of being locked on, if someone suddenly appears right behind my back and blows me to pieces - hell, I’m ok with that, this is what this game is about - it just means I’ve been inattentive, stupid or the guy on the other side of my sights is smarter or more experienced - and that helps me to move forward, that makes me revise my fits, my setup or procedures, and get better.

But being violated by admins? I wonder, does this feeling of being for no reason violated is considered ADDING TO THE GAME? Somehow considered a positive change or whatever?

Ok, that was just blowing off some feelings. Not that I except that to change back, no sir.
I love wondering wormholes, love this silent stealthy game of cat and mouse more than anything else I’ve experienced in this game. It’s like playing chess in an absolutely dark room, just by the touch of the pieces - and you never know who’s the guy on the other side of the chessboard, he might be a grossmeister, or there might be a whole detachment of them.

I’ll adapt, or go play tetris, that’s my business. After all, this widow I’ve finally teched into looks promising and new, and I might now go and try it out as my new solo pvp ship. They big ships got faster locking now, I hear?

Now for the rational part.
Legion was (for me) the most universal T3 cruiser for solo pvp. I do have loki on my other char, and the char flying legion can fly all 4 T3 cruisers, but legion was the only one combining very good cap sucking ability with still half-decent ham or rlml dps, and decent armor tank. With 1.5 bil in my legion, and 1 bil that the surgeon in jita had stuffed into its pilot’s head (+all5 in almost all related skills, only a few of them 4), I had a very tight fit, that had cap enough for 3 minutes with all modules on and no cap boosters.

Now, even with rlml, I do not have enough power grid to put in two medium neutralizers. With ham - even less so. I’d have to either put in two (!) rigs for power grid (which makes the ship cap stable for 1 minute with a suitable implant set), or 1+1/2 implants, which either nullifies legion’s dps or nullifies its ability to run without cap boosters for more then half a minute.

Why the heck kill off the only T3 cruiser that could use something BUT launchers/arti and shield? Now we have only one (not even quite suitable for solo pvp) T3 cruiser left - loki, since legion has now joined tengu the in ship graveyard.

I hear this is all part of the strategy to make players buy plex.
I don’t really think that trying to make people who already pay for 1-2 accounts buy plex would work in any other way than speed up the extinction of space-based MMOs.


You agreed to that when you joined the game. CCP makes balance passes now and then and changes the game.

No, this is a dumb conspiracy theory started by morons in the forums. CCP wants people to purchase PLEX, as a general rule of thumb, because that’s how they make their money (along with Omega subscriptions).

But CCP is not pushing balance passes specifically for the purpose of making people buy PLEX. They’re pushing balance passes to address areas of the game that are either too weak or too strong.


to long didn’t read but f dat
dont mess with legion, is my favorite t3
dam ccp

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Ok, I just wanna clear this out - the legion was too strong? It was too popular or whatever? No, I’ve hardly ever caught sight of them last coupla years. Killboard agrees with me completely. So why nerf them?

When CCP nerfed VNI (which I have to confess I have been flying occasionally for relaxed plex running in hisec) - I had no problem with that. It was too popular, it really was out of balance, etc. But why nerf ships that are not popular or overpowered?


999+ of them probably read the patch notes prior to logging in…


Can you show me what on zkillboard “agrees with your completely”? And can you show proof that CCP uses zkillboard to collect their data?

CCP probably has their own data collection that’s taking place behind the scenes. And they’re using that (along with player feedback) to make nerfing decisions. Just because YOU, personally, can’t see it doesn’t really mean anything.

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Dev Blog announcing the balance changes was published a week before the patch and you couldn’t login to the game without seeing the announcement in the launcher.

If you think the Legion got nerfed, wait until you login your Loki!

I had to change my legion from 1 medium and 1 smal neut with 2 small neuts. Done.

Already did. It has even less powergrid than the legion. Oh, well )

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Thank you kind sir! Putting in 1 small instead of medium neut did it for it. Well, it doesn’t suck like a trendy vacuum-cleaner like it used to, but, well, legion still can suck )

Now to figure out how to unf. my pvp-fit loki, that I could use for running c3 and low-end c4 sites…

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Apparently Rise confirmed that it was a preemptive nerf due to the Surgical Strike changes. I don’t know what they saw, but apparently they did see a problem, and they decided to address it before players figured out how to turn it into an oppressive ship under the new meta.

Anyway, sorry you got hit by the nerf bat. But, you’re hardly alone. I think everyone’s been getting hit in one way or another.

Don’t know the reasoning. All I know I can no longer fit a 100AB cap stable Buffer tank version without seriously gimping its tank. Since with rigs and implants you can get 30km + with rage ammo.

If that is the case I understand why… when I put it together I though this is just stupid.


i did lol

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I just updated the fit to a cap stable active 100AB repper

So I am good… sigh scratch that… I loose range. Cannot win them all :slight_smile:

Surgical strike patch make legion too oppressive? Almost half it’s dps comes from drones, which benefit nothing from the patch. A small DPS increase for its rage missile dps.

No more one medium, one small neut for you! Wanting to use medium neuts on a medium ship? And one that is supposed to specialize in neuts? Damn cheek! 2 frigate neuts is all you’re allowed now.

I was shocked at just how much the powergrid nerf crippled the legion. A subsystem that makes neuts use 50% less fitting requirements and it’s basically worthless because you won’t fit a single medium neut even with it.

Actually this is exactly what I meant. We used to have only one T3 cruiser of this kind, with a unique subsystem that had made this ship special. It wasn’t overpowered at that, if they were trying to balance missile changes before even introducing these changes - hell, then they could at the same time buff the neuting subsystem so that when fitted it lowers powergrid requirements for medium neuts some more.

Instead they just killed the uniqueness of this ship. Now this subsystem is useless. Flying solo pvp legion without this subsystem is pointless - it is a pale copy of two other T3s.

I’ve tried different fitting setups.

With 2 medium neuts, neuting subsystem and covert subsystem:
Can fit rlml. Can’t fit BCS.
Neuting 520 energy in 12 seconds (9 secs hot).
500 dps (with t2 drones) cold, 560 hot. 220 hp cold tank (around 700 ehp depending on reactive armor hardener) with full mid-grade asklepian, one 5% missile damage and one 5% RoF implants.
Verdict: not viable for solo pvp. Worse than stratios at that matter.

I agree with these changes, that means most legion fits will be compelled to use an 800mm plate and not a battleship sized one. Now we have to balance the shield t3 to have sufficient cpu for one LSE.

and to add Insult to injury
most legion fits use HAM not LAZOR
which is unacceptable

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Oh Pixel Violation, this thread is going places :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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