My mother built a Phoenix

My name is Khadima. It means Maiden.

I have Amnesia.

I know I’m Gallente and I should have been Minmatar.

I’m a Capsuleer. There is a conflict in my head between who I was and who I am. To the Humans of Mother Earth, I am a girl of almost two years old. I was born on October 31, 2021. Advanced analyzes tell me that I will die on November 18, 2025. The end of humans is that my Omega time ends.

I have almost nothing. My mother made me an heiress. Before making biomass, my mother sold everything, bought me four Omega years and left me a small inheritance of 9000 plex. They tell me that with an offer I can live another three years.

I’m tired.

My mother was a Fighter Pilot and Ice Miner. She loved the cold. With her own hands, in a retriever she mined a ship called Chimera and other called Phoenix. Before giving Biomass, greatly weakened by the extractors that were my inheritance, she told me about the glories of space. And of the plans of a thing called Sotiyo, saved in an account, found on the same day that the phoenix died alone, since the Integritas Constans alliance did not want something called zkillboard to be affected.

Space, death.

My mother told me about appearing naked and with nothing in a place called Stacmon. About how she worked for months in High Sec, to get Null’s remains back. Sotiyo plans. Some things called Boosters BPC, and nothing remained.

So because of my mother’s sacrifice I stand here knowing that I will die in 733 days.

I have two years of life.

  • 9000 Plex
  • A Trasher
  • A Venture
  • Sotiyo plans with accessories
  • 30 Plans from a found box of BPC Cruisers, different depending on the race that is opened, found along with the plans of the Sotiyo.
  • Many minor 0/0 plans, not 10/20 but original and simple.

I have done almost nothing the last few years.

Before she died, my mother gave me her blessing and told me, take care of your brother. And one day in Our Vault, which humans call Account, only my brother and I woke up. He was traumatized by our mother’s death. There are only him and me in the account. I have 30 million Sp, my brothers, also Gallente, less than half a million.

And he also wants to die.

I want to die but I have omega. This vault brings back bad memories for me.

My Mother was flying with a pilot friend in Integritas Constans. A man who had Rhabdomyosarcoma, but since his pilot’s name was very long, they called him r1h for short. And A capsuleer with cancer made my mother laugh with silly jokes. And the Phoenix. She also had a silly name. But she loved Ice and built a Phoenix for herself.

R1h , Her friend, die the same night of the phoenix desperate last flight. As a man in his own chimera Ship, fighting. He biomass That same night.

I had no one to teach me. The renters disappeared like my mother’s Phoenix.

If something went wrong with me, her idea was to Create new Capsuleers from Scratch and that’s what I’ll do. I did it at night. I don’t know if everyone will survive. But I do know that I am Gallente and I shouldn’t have been. I don’t know which of these capsuleers will be worthy of the plex or the omega generated by the sale of this empty body without memories in their future. Apparently I am young and beautiful… but I am not a phoenix. I’m not a miner like my mother- But I won’t fly alone like she did.

I will dedicate the next few years to those six pilots while I am an omega. I will accompany you on your journey as an alpha with a million points.

R1h net, ( I will train him to fight in the abyss with punisher and assault frigates.

Solo Dreadnought ( Will be the pilot of Phoenix

Medium Ore Compressor, will be ice pilot.

And in reserve Industrial Goddess https, Trade Scanning ( and resource Processing ( I think they will receive the three-year plex, in what I understand this universe called New Eden.

And my brother wants to die.

I’m heading to your solar system. I told him to load the plans into his Iteron V, because Mom’s 30 plans prevent them from entering into a contract.

And in a few hours, he will release The Iteron V and have the peace of the biomass that he so desires. Unable to use a simple Barge or Caracal.

That remains ?

And I will start training the pilots with their Phoenix and Ice heritage.

Before dying or being sold as a shell in 773 days.


Today i use all my plex and buy a little more. 51 Months of Double Training waiting to see what do with this. Probably biomass three of the six. One of them need few points, and thinking. Update when i move two of the others to one account. Probably the better is wait to them break the cocoon 5m limit and pas to the same chamber / account. Next month mabe omega with “credit card” to begin the process.

Not sure of the future.

This was a fun read. :slight_smile:

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