My Name Is, Hi - A Short Halloween Psychological Horror Story

This is s short story that I wrote a year or so ago. This is only a rough draft and might not read correctly but I hope that you enjoy it anyway.


Those pretty shows with women who have nice bread never saved you from the slasher waiting for you in the abyss of hell as you try and make your way across the bridge between the two brick buildings.

She tried to sit up but was unable to move her legs or arms that had been bound to each other behind her back. The brick floor left imprint marks on her exposed arms. She must have been laying there for hours she though.

The thick, heavy rope fibers cut deeper into her ankles and wrists the more that she struggled to escape. The rope had rubbed her ankles and wrists raw matting her flesh and blood into the fibers. Every time she moved the rope cut her flesh like a steel cable. The burning sensation and pain nearly overtook her as she fell too the ground again.
The ground felt much better she thought. It’s cold pillow was better than the burning and tearing of her flesh. She opened her eyes and seen the overhead light reflecting off of the shiny metal wheels of the gurney. She watched for a moment and began to shake as the wheels on gurney jerked forwards and then backwards slightly. A muffled moan from behind the hospital curtain pierced her mind.
She could only see the shadow of someone tall leaning over a lump in the hospital gurney. There was no other light in the room she was in. The curtains adsorbed the overhead operating light and the subtle electronic hum coming from it. The curtains made no shadow of their own. Only the unknown people and the gurney behind the curtain cast any shadows. Shadows that went no further than the curtains themselves.
Utter darkness.
“Please, let me go.” pleaded the young beautiful college student in her early twenties.
“Please. What did I do?” she whimpered.
The room went silent. Not even the methodical electronic hum of the operating light was heard.
“Please, do not bother me.” came a deep sounding male voice from behind the drawn curtain.

Dark mascara mixed with tears and sweat ran down her face and into her mouth. She tried spitting it out but the fear was too much. She swallowed the darkness that ran down her throat causing her to dry heave. Her stomach pulsed in and out violently as she held the release within her fearing the convulsion might make her captor angry. She turned her head away from the hospital curtain and quietly vomited the darkened bile onto the floor. She laid motionless as it ran along her chin and between the floor and her face before filling up several cracks between the bricks. She began to cry again to herself. The last thing that she heard before passing out as the fear overtook her was the snip of thread being cut and the sound of a surgical tool being dropped into a metallic pan.
“You’re awfully quiet.” said the voice in her head that caused her to wake up.
She didn’t turn towards the curtain but trembled and locked her mind into a ball hoping that it would all go away.
“Did I offend you?” the darkness asked her.

She gasped for air as a breeze rushed by causing her hair to stir in the darkness. Her heart missed a beat as the sweet smell of mildew and men’s cologne invaded her senses. She could taste how the darkness smelled. She enjoyed the smell of the darkness about as much as she enjoyed smelling a waste basket full of used tampons. The taste of the darkness danced an evil jig on her tongue. The salt and sweat of the breeze nearly made her vomit again.

“If I have offended you, then I am truly sorry.” the darkness flowed around her causing her hair to become entangled with the stench of the darkness.

“I should not be so rude. Do unto others as they say.”came the darkness more distant from her now than it had been at the beginning. She thought for a moment that maybe the room was larger after all and that there might be a door. The darkness danced in her mind as she waited to see the crack of light around a door frame. She just wanted to be somewhere else. She didn’t have time to finish her thought as her mind went blank and she became unconscious again.

She woke in a state of euphoria laughing to herself at the dream she had just had. She really needed to stop watching stalker and horror movies and should find a boyfriend. But all of her time was taken up with her story board editing and creative writing classes to be worried about finding a man.
She suddenly realized that she hadn’t been dreaming. A light reflecting off of a highly polished drain cover that felt warm to her nose and the cold brick pillow instantly stopped her laughter that echoed all around her and then vanished.

A methodical drip, drip, drip danced on the drain from somewhere above her. The smell of urine caused her stomach to convulse. This time she couldn’t hold it in. This time the young college student wouldn’t hold it. The muscles in her throat and neck became tight and she began to tremble. Then a gush of disgust came into the world for the first time as she vomited on the drain. She vomited again even harder than the first time. The bile splashed against the brick floor and steel drain cover and covered her face. The beautiful college woman threw up for a third time. She turned her head to avoid the splash to her face, her hair soaking up the disgust this time as she watched the vomit fill the cracks in the bricks all around her.

“SARAH!” came the concerned voice from the darkness.
“That offended you? “ the darkness continued.

Feeling the breath of the darkness against her face, Sarah threw up for a fourth time. Nothing but convulsions and dry heave. Her stomach felt like someone had opened it up and was mixing her insides with a blender.

“I am sorry.” the stench said tapering off into a distant and shallow tone.

Sarah looked for the light shining on the drain but could only see a pinhole of freedom far ahead in front of her. She tried to sit up but hit her head on the brick ceiling.

“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!” Sarah screamed, releasing all of the anxiety built up inside of her. But only the smell of mildew, cologne and urine kept her company.

Sarah moved backwards away from the drain and the horrible stench of filth billowing from it.
She only moved a few feet and came to a dead end and laid her head down on the brick floor.

“F you.” she said under her breath.

The constant drip of the drain was starting to eat at her soul. She spat at it in disgust and started inching forward on her stomach like an inch worm.

“F YOU! F…YOU!” she yelled into the darkness.

Sarah inched her way along the tunnel. The urine becoming more of a steady stream then merely a trickle. The piss soaked her clothes and her hair. She could taste it on her lips. It stung her eyes and wounds and trickled down her face. She tried shaking it out of her hair but doing so only flung the urine all over the brick tunnel.

Suddenly the tunnel floor started to shift ahead of her. The bricks made a grinding sound as they began to ebb up and down as if someone was running their hands on the backside of the brick tunnel. She looked behind her and watched as the bricks rippled up and down and then fell away brick by brick into the darkness. The walls around her behind to crumble and fell away until only the darkness remained. Sarah curled up in a ball and watched the darkness out of the corner of her eye pass in front of her. The great shadow beat it’s wings and swished its tail back and forth before disappearing beneath her.
Low wailing came from beneath Sarah as she laid on the island of bricks. Fear permeated the shadows and played in the darkness all around her. She inched close to the edge of the bricks to see what was coming up from beneath her. The brick suddenly fell away and into the darkness. Sarah’s heart missed several beats as a brick under thigh and knee fell away.

The cold of the darkness licked at her leg.

Sarah peered into the darkness and soon began to see white balloons emerge all across the darkness.

“Help…” Sarah whispered hoping that the balloons would release her from the nightmare that she was in.

As the balloons drew nearer she realized that they were not balloons at all. She screamed as the bodies in sheets floated by her. Each body was wrapped in white linen and bound with a heavy rope that coiled around the body at the elbows and then into a perfect bow at the center of the chest. The legs were bound in the same manner at the knees with a coil of rope binding the person’s ankles that then hung beneath each body in a sheet for several feet down into the darkness. She shook at the thought of what could be holding each body in a sheet but could not tear herself away.

Sarah stopped trembling and heard her breath as the darkness crawled towards her again from nowhere. It was all around her. She could feel it moving through her clothes and across her skin. She closed her eyes and waited for the bricks underneath of her to fall away. She just wanted to be someplace else and closed her eyes.

“I have offended you Sarah.” the touch of the darkness said stopping at her lips.“I haven’t told you where you are my beautiful little inch worm.”

Sarah opened her eyes and seen that the bricks had returned. It was almost as if they had never been moved.

Sarah ignored the touch of the darkness and inched forward towards the subtle clapping ahead of her that steadily became louder and more rapid the closer she moved towards the light at the end of the tunnel. The clapping suddenly stopped freezing her in a moment of fear.

“You are below Hell, Sarah. Not even the worst of Hell ever comes this way.” said the darkness rushing across her like a cold wind. “You should feel privileged, Sarah.”

She started crawling again and then paused as the darkness spoke.“Does being privileged offend you Sarah? Does knowing that others are better than you and were never given the chance to live their dream to fancy your privilege offend you? Does it make you feel high and mighty on your throne to simply have while others live in the cold on the street Sarah.? I have spoken your names to the street Sarah and they gladly live in the gutters and alleys so you’ll be privileged.”

Sarah laid on the side of the pipe for a moment to regain her strength. The light at the end of the sewer drain was only a few feet away from her. She could feel the sewer pipe start to close around her .Her heartbeat began to beat faster and faster and felt like it was going to explode out of her chest.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” she yelled crawling faster and faster towards the light. She could feel the piss and sewage of the sewer pipe swelling up around her ankles. It’s poison burned the cuts and scrapes on her ankles as it made its way up her body trying vainly to pull her back into the bottoms of the pipe.

“It’s not everyday, Sarah.” echoed the voice in a filthy rasp from behind her. “It’s not everyday that you get to meet someone like me.”

In a last moment of energy Sarah thrust herself out of the sewer pipe and landed in a deep pool of water. She began to sink and gasped for air as the vile sewer water filled her lungs. Suddenly her hands and ankles were free again and she started swimming towards the bright light above her.

Suddenly her head was above the sewage, the sewer water retreated to her knees . Her body instinctively regurgitated the sewer water gasping for much needed air. Sarah coughed a few more times until all of the piss water was out of her system. She rubbed her wrists trying to soothe the pains and burning as the vileness of the sewer dripped out of her hair and ran down her body. She looked back to where the sewer pipe that she had just crawled out of should have been but only a small hole with two beady eyes looked back at her. She looked closer into the hole in the bricks and thought she could hear a feint call for help from somewhere within it.

“No.” Sarah said starting to cry.“No.”

Sarah felt a sudden surge of confidence and mustered up the courage to speak. “You know my name but I don’t know yours.” She moved towards the shadow of an open trap gate that was used to keep larger debris from clogging up the sewer tunnels. Nothing but the silent still of the darkness and what must have been traffic on a road far above her filled her mind.

“ I know where I am YOU FREAK!” she said. Her courage bolstered from deep inside of her as the warmth began to flow back into her body. “'I’m under Minetta Street. “ Her soul, feeling renewed, blocked the pain in her body as she walked towards the iron trap gate.

A drip a water from far above made her look up at the street light that shined down into her hell. She thought for a moment that someone was looking down at her as a rush of vigor coursed through her body and then vanished. The drip steadily became a trickle and then a stream as the sewer junction began to fill up with water again. Sarah looked down the tunnel to her right but it came to a dead end A a tiny laughter flickered like a candle in a small hole in the bricks.

Sarah felt an uneasy, cold presence behind her that was different than the darkness. She turned around to see a person covered in a white bed sheet. Moss and vines crept over the body in the sheet and flowed into the open gate trap.

Sarah could feel her own breath off of the sheet as she screamed at the top of her lungs. The body in the sheet twitched slightly and moaned as it sank beneath the water. Sarah watched as the body in the sheet disappeared under the surface of the water. She started breathing heavy as the body in the sheet raised its arms up towards her. A deep moan filled the sewer pipes making her wince and cover her ears.

The water rushed into the junction faster now and was around her waist shocking Sarah back into reality. She only had one chance and that was through trap gate. She hurried towards the gate making waves. She watched in dismay as each wave made by her moving towards the gate caused it to open and close. Every wave coming closer to closing it on her. She couldn’t stop moving as the water was around midriff now. In one final attempt she lunged for the gate hoping to catch it off guard.

The iron trap gate swung close with a rusty laughter and locked her in. There was nothing she could do now except to wait for the death she knew was coming. She grabbed a hold of the iron gate and rested her on it is rusty comfort and started to cry to herself.

The water swirled around her chest and then her neck as she started having memories of good times that always premeditate death. Then the darkness came for her. She felt its cold breath on her forehead the horrible stench of its cologne clenched her hands. She raised her head and opened her eyes and screamed in terror.

“My name is HI, Sarah.” said the gnarled face of the man on the other side of the gate trap.

Sarah woke up in a pool of sweat. The air was stiffening as she untangled herself from her bed sheets and ran to the window. She shook and whimpered to herself as she hurriedly unlocked the windows and threw them open. She gasped the fresh New York air as laughter came from the stoop below her.

“Hi, Sarah.” the aging half bald Italian man said looking up at her with a smile.

Sarah slowly regained her breath and bewilderingly looked at the old man and laughed to herself. “Hey Mr. Pachione.” Sarah said smiling back at her landlord.

“Still haven’t gotten used to this city air yet.” her landlord asked as he raised his mallet and brought it down on the wrought iron fence he was installing around one of the small gardens at the bottom of the apartment stoop.

“No, not yet.” Sarah replied running her hands through her hair shaking out the tangles.

He raised the mallet again and drove the fence stake deeper into the ground. He wiggled it to see how sturdy it was and satisfied with the

“Don’t worry, the stuffiness will eventually go…” he said stopping in mid sentence as his favorite tenant, Ms. Carlione walked into the conversation.

“I see you can’t keep your mind and your eyes off of the younger girls.” Ms. Carlione said.

Mr. Pachione started talking in Italian to Ms. Carlione that brought a rebuke in Italian back from her.
Sarah laughed and watched the two love birds have their daily spat.

“Don’t worry about the rent this month Sarah.” Ms. Carlione said looking at Mr. Pachione with a grin.

Mr. Pachione’s chin dropped as he muttered something in Italian again. She shook his head as he reached into the paper grocery bag and pulled out a bottle of water.

“Going to see your boyfriend this weekend Sarah?” asked Ms. Carlione.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Sarah replied. Her college courses had been consuming all of her time lately and all that was happening with the recent disaster it had totally slipped her mind.

“Well, now is the time to get away seeing as how the city is slowly being blocked off street by street.” Ms Carlione said looking back at Mr. Pachione with a commanding looking.

Sarah hadn’t kept up much with what was going on in society. Instead she was taking accelerated courses during the Summer graduate early and get a jump start on her story board editing career. “What exactly happened?” Sarah asked leaning on the window ledge causing her breasts to plump.

Mr. Pachione’s cheeks blushed as he looked away.

His fair lady grinned and continued. “ According to the news there was a train wreck about twenty miles from here. The military has the entire area around the wreck blocked off for thirty miles and is only letting people out during the weekend. They are saying that some type of chemical for agriculture was spilled and could contaminate the cities drinking water.”

“Have I offended you Mr. Pachione?” Ms. Carlione asks walking in front of Mr. Pachione blocking out Sarah from his mind.

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