My proposal for a new type of mining ship

no, I proposed a new type of ship

If they gave alphas the ability to use the endurance, then they can mine ice, cuz you know the endurance is bonused to ice mining

Alpha clones do not get access to the book for ice. Known as Ice Harvesting. Omega only.

Pretty sure they have the ice mining skill now available to them.

Edit, here’s the source

As someone who is actually a lapsed time Omega I can’t use the ice mining laser or my expedition frigates.

Nor can I actually train the book on my Alpha character. Firsthand knowledges.

Well the only ship that can use the ice mining laser is the endurance. So that’s your problem, in all honesty if you don’t know this I’m not sure what to say. It’s been on the fourm for awhile now

Problem #1
Expedition frigates are not allowed via Alpha accounts.

Problem #2
Ice Mining requires the skill Ice Harvesting and an expedition frigate OR barge which neither are allowed to Alpha accounts.

Problem #3
This is live knowledge from the active server. Login on it and you will find all the modules in question are marked Omega only.

See you solved your problem, why ccp even gave alphas ice Mining is a great question which probably fall down to having alpha locked from higher Indy

As much as I hate saying it, if you want to use T2 Plex up or sub till the next alpha skill release hoping that ice is opened up.

Not my problem. CCP blocked alpha ice mining for a reason.

I am mainly interested in the math behind what it can produce with just T2 loaded up as deep core is also not allowed on alpha accounts. As much as you might not want to know it T2 mining lasers do work for alpha accounts.

No were did I ever state that T2 mining doesn’t work for alphas, all I stated was that the Endurance was bounsed to ICE mining.

If you all want new mining ships, why not ask CCP to reinstate the racial mining cruisers and rework there bonues to fit in today’s game.

You might want to scroll to the top of the thread and read the creator of the thread…

I merely asked what would be outputs of ore comparing a venture and it’s T2’s at level 1s which Ice is still not a part of. Deep Core totals were put out, but since Alpha characters can’t use it the numbers do not apply.

with all t1 gear, we’re talking about a 11% increase in yield in the endurance over the venture.
the procurer will have a 150% increased yield over the venture.

stats with an all V character
Venture all t1: 7,55m3/s
Endurance all t1: 8,37m3/s

Procurer all t1: 19,6m3/sec


Great, now what about T2 mining laser in an endurance and prospect at level 1 vs a venture at level 5?

Because OP’s suggestion is rather vague and it’s about an “alpha” who wants to be mining like an “omega” did I not feel like crushing down on OP.

So it’s a yes. OP is allowed to dream! :heart:


venture: 10.3 m3/sec w. t2 miners, t1 MLU and drone rigs, Mining fring @ V
Endurance: 11,9m3/sec, t2 miners, t1 mlu, drone rigs, exped frig @ I
Prospect: 11.3 m3/sec, t2 miners, t1 MLU, exped frig @ I

So roughly 10% increase in yield with exped frig @ I

This doesn’t feel like a stick to me. So why not? Requesting @CCP_Falcon to poke idea at proper people for discussion. Just Expedition Frigates 1 unlock. Nothing greater.

Yeah sounds like a stealth “buff alpha mining” thread to me.

But even if its not, I dont really see an advantage to adding another layer of game play in between two things with an overlap thats already so big.

Some of the best ISK/hour I’ve made ( a couple hundred million) was gas mining in a venture.


how to find good gas sites?

You need a probe launcher and to know what gases are in demand. I hear C32 is always a good choice.

wonder what a SOE design mining ship would look like.really like mining with my stratios

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