My steam account can't log into SISI

my main acc is steam and it worked on sisi 3~4 months ago. but now i can’t log into sisi and it said just ‘error’

GM said they can’t help me about SISI problem because sisi is seperated server.

anyone knows how to send ticket for sisi or fix this problem?

thank you :slight_smile:

you cannot… June 1 2021 started the mess with Steam users not able to log into SiSi. CCP thought they had a fix for it when the new mirror came out for the 2nd Playtest for Native Mac OS client, but the issue still persisted.

So as of right now, nothing can be done until another mirror, if ccp can figure out the issue and fix it… going by rough estimates of mirror dates etc. the next mirror, unless CCP needs to make one sooner, will be Mid to late October.

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