MYST - Roaming PVP/PVE Group (WH/0.0/LS)

MYST is a corporation with plans on rapid expansion and securing a slice for their own.

We are currently small, however are seeking core members to help build MYST and make it into a large entity, we currently occupy Amarr HS and venture out from there, but we are planning on settling down to a set space in Wormholes very soon.

We offer:

- Dedicated Financial Planner
- Multi-TZ Activity
- Veteran Leadership
- Fully-fledged Doctrines
- Roadmaps and Future Goals
- Operations, Fleets and Activities

We are seeking:

- Experienced PVP Pilots
- Backbone Industrialists
- Logistics Pilots
- Freighter Pilots/Alts

Join MYST Pub and get talking!

Come join and active pvp alliance in null-sec and have fun.

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Still seeking players!

Daily Bump :v

Still taking applications so please stop by and have a chat

We have since moved from NS and are now seeking a foundation in WH Space… We are set in Amarr and will be doing filament roams and other shenanigans in the meantime.

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