Mystic Mutations Relaxed Social Corp

Mystic Mutations wants you.

A game is a place to get away from your work day or even if your bored. We are a relaxed corp with personality. We dont control you or the ships you fly. We dont tell you what you have to train or what time you need to be on. This is your game you play it how you want.

What we expect of you.
Be mature, Be yourself. Communicate, and have fun.

-Rookie friendly
-Mining, Missions, Incursions, Abyssals and PvP
-Invention, Reactions, Manufacturing, and Research.
-We do weekly ops.
-FREE ships, entertainment provided.
-Discounted corp store.
-Make up to 1 to 4 billion isk a day with ease.
-Low sec access.
-No wars
-All ops Optional
-Age 18+ NSFW Content
-Self sufficient
-Have fun.

If you’re interested go ahead and apply.

Please have a headset, mic, discord, & teamspeak.

still looking for recruits.

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