N0SOV Blood Harvest - A worldwide Blood Donation Drive

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Hi Everyone!
The N0SOV Blood Harvest is a charity event running for the first time. It is a blood donation drive that we’d like to open to all of Eve online, with a raffle for all blood donators at the end.
If you’d like to participate, here’s the plan:

1: First of all, signup with this link
2: The Blood Harvest runs between the 16th to the 22nd October. Try to book a date to donate blood between these days. (If you can’t make the aforementioned week, feel free to do it from now to the end of October and I’ll still hook you up - it’s the donating that’s important)
3: When you’re all hooked up to the gear, take a picture of yourself or your arm with your in game name written on some paper - so we can verfy/keep track of who’s who (If you can’t donate and can talk someone else into doing it for you - That counts too!). This step is your entry ticket to the raffle, so don’t forget it!
4: There will be a google form up during the harvest where you can submit your picture and how much you donated.(They can also be manually evemailed to me if you want, IGN: Raalic)
5: At the end of October, we have the raffle on stream.
6: Bask in the warm glow of happiness knowing that you probably saved someone’s life.
7: Play more Eve Online!

As an incentive: Here’s our current prizelist:
5b in cold hard isk. Doubles to 10b if we end up with over 50 verified donators (with thanks to /u/IChooseYou- )
1 full Blood Raider subcap set - Including the rare Hematos!
4 fitted Bhaalgorns, 2 confirmed Dark Blood fit (and a couple more Bhaals pending)
1 fitted Ashimmu
10 fitted Cruors
1 Blinged Stratios
And a bundle more stuff pending! All donators of prizes will get a plug on the raffle stream, so if you want me to say something for you - please just ask and I’ll be happy to sort you out.

BladeM5 is a science guy that actually does the behind the scenes work to get blood donations sorted and ready - he’ll be on hand with some pictures and eli5’s so we can all learn what actually goes into preparing the red sticky stuff for use.

If you cannot help - I’d appreciate a shoutout in any channels you’re a part of. The more people that know about this the better!

Thanks for reading, ladies and gents. My name is Raalic and I can be contacted here on Reddit or in the Blood Harvest channel in N0SOV’s Discord if you have any questions, concerns or would like to help.

(LouHodo) #2

I wish I could donate blood but due to exposure to the Anthrax virus in the military I cant.

So for those of you who can do it, for no other reason it is the right thing to do.

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