NACL is recruiting! US/EU/AUTZ! Come Mine that Tasty Salt!

We offer NPC Nullsec living with affordable NPC Nullsec prices.

Wanna pvp? We have a cream for that.
Wanna mine? We have a therapist for that. And boosts.
Wanna blops bots to your hearts content? We have Frat/VVV for that

Join today for not so leet pvp, run missions, explore, and the ability to mine that sweet moon goo!

Looking for 20 million Skill toons in the US/EU/AU TZ, Omega Only

Ingame Channel: NaCl Sales Floor

If you are interested join our discord and drop us a line on the BOSS Alliance Discord:


Can confirm, corp is a riot.

First question for new members, what did the five fingers say to the face?


Here goes another bump!

Bump for dead dreads and bombers. We try to have fun here

Biggity bump to the top

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