Name Change Certificate

History is important.

But it does affect what the player knows in his head about a character.
In the heat of the moment when a red-standing is flying towards you, there is no time to review notes or character profile Name-History tabs.

I posted this in another thread making the same proposal…

The players recognition of another player cannot be maintained with a name change.

If I interact with Captain_Caldari and learn his fighting styles, how he likes to fit his ships, what he is likely to do when he interacts with me, (I have him set to Red).

Next time he lands on grid, I recognize his name, and adjust my response and playstyle to counter what i know about him.

Changing his name would remove the information that I have build up about him. If he was now called Bob_Smith and arrived on grid, (ok he would still be Red) but I have no idea how to react to him.

There is not time in this situation to access his profile, navigate the the Name History tab, and review name changes on the offchance that I recognize one of his previous names.

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