Name change for older characters

You’re not worried this might affect free intel?? :slight_smile:



Additionally, I forgot to add one more thing:

CCP’s primary argument against name change is that your name is you, it’s your reputation and choices, and it follows you while you build your reputation in EVE.

However, I have characters I’ve owned for 4-5 years, and the names have never felt like “me.” There’s nothing tying them together, and nobody even knows they’re my alts. I would actually prefer if they had similar names, so people know they’re all me. I’m not trying to hide information or my reputation, quite the opposite, actually.

It just seems very odd to allow the sale of characters, but not allow people to choose their own name.


I wanted to be Farty McFartface for a long time but i have choosen an other name and cant change it now. I absolutely support this idea.

Go check my post.

I’m detailling conditions and possible counters of Character name change :slight_smile: