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I just came back after signing off in 2004. I read the patch notes and see name changes. Why do they change names? an example is I forget the exact name I is changed to shield hardener something. What happens to I forget the exact name II? That stays the same with a II after it? That explains why I have so many fittings/equipt that I can not find a price in market for. So weird. It looks like a new Dev came in and wanted to be creative thinking his name for item is better. WTF ever? Lets confuse everyone and at the same time chase the new players away by forcing PVP on them in order to do skillzone campaigns.

Its is both a reducton in the number of names, and the names meaning what they actually do.


Notice how 99.999% of the post have lilterally nothing to do with the last part of the last sentence, which is what many people are going to be having on their minds when they’ve finished reading.

He just “snuck” that in there, with zero connection to the rest of the post.


A lot of your old fittings would probably not even be valid fits anymore, let alone good fits in the current meta. You should probably look up modern fittings.

Teiricide is meant to reduce complexity and confusion. Yes, older players need to learn the new names, but they follow a logical and consistent scheme, so it’s pretty easy to learn. By the way, it’s basically like Eve has adopted the metric system, and you are pissed because you’re used to imperial standard. You should come move to the states. I think you’d fit in around here.

Eve is a PvP centric game. You are free to carebear it up as much as you want, but that won’t stop people from trying to kill you. As a result, I recommend implementing risk management strategies.

Also, whining tends to be met with hostility by the community.

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Welcome back, that’s definitely a long time, game is completely different now compared to then.

Can use this wiki for quick info:

Anyway, good luck to you.

Ye, not like there was more pvp in highsec when i first started…
that was in 2007 btw…
and yes… i am being highly sarcastic; in reality highsec is barely entertaining and those that dont want ‘forced pvp’ dont really want pvp… except the vast majority who really mean ‘‘i dont want it forced onto me but im ok forcing it on someone else… when i am with 50+ others… and they have ZERO chance to actually kill me…’’

I wrote my post specifically for preventing people from taking the bait and what do you do? You take the damn bait.


What can i say, i am a new age triggered SJW!!!


Not enough REEEEE and passive aggressiveness in your post! Now get off my lawn, you damn millenial! :smiley:


I really love the new wave of positivity on the forums.

Well apart form the entitled do-nothings.

Their negativity is wonderful too :slight_smile:




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