Request for a List of All Name Changes Coming to Resistance Modules

7o all, forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this, but while looking through the most recent SiSi update I’ve noticed that not only are a lot of the names changing for meta resistance modules, but in some cases the naming scheme itself is changing for some kinds of modules (For example Adaptive Invulnerability Fields become Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardeners).

Since these changes impact pretty much every fitting in the game right now, can we get a comprehensive list of the name and naming scheme changes so we can update our fits stored out of game?

CCP is good about indicating name changes in both dev blogs and patch notes. But even if they aren’t… allow me to introduce you to , which lists changes (among them, name changes) between EVE server versions (both tranquility and sisi)

Hoboleaks is what first alerted me to the name changes, but I wasn’t able to actually see a list of them there, the modules just show up under their new names in the attribute changes associated with the new resist values.

EDIT: I stand corrected I was looking at the wrong update.

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