Nanite operations and Nanite interfacing

(Gwyn Blaidd) #1

Sorry for the question but either I don’t understand the description of those two skills or they are somehow misleading. I have mounted Medium Ancillary Armour Repairer with Nanite Paste and recently trained two skills: Nanite Operation and Nanite Interfacing. As far as I understand Nanite Operation allows to reduce the amount of Nanite Paste used for every cycle while Nanite Interfacing increases the amount of damage repaired per cycle. From that perspective my understanding is that for example in case of Nanite Operation I should be able to have 33 cycles out of 32 pcs of Nanite Paste and the amount of armour damage repaired per cycle should increase with every level of skill. Unfortunatelly when I look at data of mounted module the stats are the same as before training the skill.

Can anyone explain me how it works?

(Caterpil) #2

Neither of those skills effects Ancillary Armor repairers.

Nanite Operation reduces the amount of nanite paste consumed when you use it to repair damage modules. This is useful when you overheat modules, they gradually become damaged and can be repaired by expending nanite paste (right click on the module and select “repair”. Of course this is much less useful since the introduction of Upwell Structures which can simply repair your modules while tethered.

Nanite Interfacing increases the speed at which damaged modules are repaired when you repair them with nanite repair paste.

(Gwyn Blaidd) #3

It means however that the descriptions of both skills are a bit misleading. In case of Nanite interfacingit says ‘Improved control of nanites. 20% increased repair amount per level’. No exclusions.

Anyway thanks for clarification.

(ISD Yumi) #4

Just wanted to comment on this. I think the skills are still very useful because you’re not always going to have access to a structure while you’re out. It’s always a good idea, in my opinion, to have a little bit of paste in cargo. :slight_smile:

Also, if I recall, that skill was made very early in the game; before AAR’s. Would be a good idea for that to get reworded to current since it can be confusing.

(Javfar Lafisques) #5

Another example is XX Armor Compensation.

I trained them to level 2 wishing they would increase resistance of armor hardener. Only to find out the skill don’t work on active armor hardener at all. And the only place that state that is in EveUniversity wiki, not an official source at all.

(Nikea Tiber) #6

As I recall, armor compensation is quite specific about only effecting passive hardeners; at least it was 10-11 years ago.

(Javfar Lafisques) #7

It still is. But its description is not clear.