Nanite Repair Paste idea

Why not allow Nanite repair paste to gradually perform repair to armor and structure when is in the cargo hold

Of course you first going to have to enabling it to start repairs selecting armor or structure

It doesn’t come cheap but it saves you the trouble from running to the space station for repairs all the time

And allows you to use different strategies using your spaceship .

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Reparing armor and structure should probably use so much paste that it would get unrealistic to use except in emergencies.

I mean it would be kind of cool to be able to activate all remaining paste on structure for example just before you die even if it only heals you for a small percentage.

For a gradual passive repair , the rest is personal preference ,
It will be more beneficial on smaller ships since they have less HP

Small ships are spoiled enough tho

no ! you have modules like armor repair and structure repair if you want to repair them !
and if you want to use nanite repaire paste then you can use it for an AAR and you have way more repair ammount then a T2 armor repair !

there is no need ! would just break the game balance !

A slow and gradual repair doesn’t hurt anything only assists for the pleasure of the game
so you don’t have to run to a station for repairs you do the repairs on the fly
you’re not going to save isk you basically trade one for the other.


doesnt matter ! it supports all armor and structure fittet ships and add some EHP to them !
you want to repair your stuff ? then fit an active repair module or run to a station / citadell to repair your armor or structure !

Using nanite repair paste to repair your hull or armor would be akin to Kintsugi, but instead of piecing together what was broken using a very expensive material to fill the gaps you would use the expensive material to replace the broken pieces as well. It probably would cost more to repair less than a percent of a ship’s armor or hull than the ship and fitting altogether. #nopoors :face_with_monocle:

Why not instead simply have a base armor/hull repair rate ? Like, 10 min for a full repair.
Constant repair rate (not based on actual HPs), no effect to reduce those 10min so not a viable tank strat.

Issue could be bulkheads which add a multiplicative hull HP, so multiplicative rep. +30% seems a lot. For a 11kHP BS with 8 lows 3 rigs, using a DC that would be 11000/10/60×1.30^7×1.25^3 = 204 HP/s , with resists = 511 EHP/s . Depends on what other effects can increase hull.

could accept this but only with a few restrictions !

  • the timer reset if you have any agression timer ( pvp and pve timer )
  • timer stops if you are cloaked

this prevents the abuse for combat situations !

Or the nanites are coward little buggers and only work when there is no aggression :grin:

Innate passive regen is a shield thing, and the differences between armor and shield give the game flavor. So no, I don’t support just giving armor and structure passive regen.

That said, I wouldn’t mind there being a module that did this. Just a slow passive regen for both armor and hull. Could even make it be a script for the damage control… or… you could feed nanite repair paste into a damage control to get the desired effect. During the active cycle, the resist effects of the damage control would turn off.

Also, the repair should prioritize hull first, then armor.

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What ? The difference between armor/hull and shield is still present.
A passive hull BS would have 511 EHP/s max with 13 modules dedicated.
If it’s too much, it can be reduced by increasing the recharge delay, like 20 min instead of 10. To the point where it’s not usable as a self rep in fight.

How about this idea? Damage controls now have an active mode and you can load them with advanced nano-paste. There would be two kinds of advanced nano-paste, one for hull and armor and another for modules and drones. When activated the damage control repairs first hull and then armor, or if its the drone/module type then from most damaged to least. It would be a fairly slow repair, maybe half as fast as being tethered. You’d have to choose which repair type you wanted since you can’t have more than one damage control fit. I’ve always found it strange that you have to choose between using a module for repair or NO repair at all except for manually pasting damaged modules, which is incredibly annoying anyway. This would be a nice middle ground. Perhaps there could be some specialized types of advanced nano-paste could only be produced by players, expanding the market a little. You could have a type works faster on a specific category of module (armor, for example) but worse on all others. I could see a whole new area of trade being created.


I like it :grin:

Nah, it should be a small amount of paste*, but take a LONG time.

Also, just carry a depot and a small armor and hull rep.

Alternatively, CCP could create a small tether structure (called a repair depot) that repairs armor and structure.