Heat Damage and Nanite Paste

I heard that you can just keep nanite paste in your storage to help with heat damage even though you don’t have an armor repairer that uses it. Is this true? Or were those people that told me that trolling?


Nanite Paste in cargo does nothing to diminish or prevent heat damage from overheating. All you can do with it is repair heat damage after you stopped using the module and you cannot use the module while it repairs. You also cannot repair a module that was incapacitated by overheating, in other words, that used up all the hit points. such a module has to be repaired in a station or structure and manually turned back on on the fitting window.

Based on what they told me, they weren’t trolling then. I just phrased it wrong, but thanks! That makes things much clearer. They just told me it would help repair heat damage even without an armor repairer.

Armour reps don’t do anything to heat damage. So yes? Fixing heat damage is actually the original use of nanite paste. The aux armour reps came much later.

Yes, that is true.

However, you are talking about 2 different concepts.

Repairing Heat damage means that modules got damaged from overheating. An armor repairer never helps there.
Armor repairers only help with repairing your ship’s armor hit points, which have nothing to do with module heat damage. As Nevyn just said, there is a special armor repairer that uses Nanite Paste to increase the repair amount.

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Not trolling. You can use Nanite Paste to repair heat damage after it has occurred, provided the module isn’t currently active and hasn’t been completely destroyed - to me that is very clearly ‘help with heat damage’.

You can use nanite paste on modules being used if they are passive, ie, as a result of rack or nearby module overheat. Very helpful if sheild or armor reps or hardners are overheated into oblivion, but your passive defenses hardners remain solid even as they get repaired. A niche use, but a very usefull one if needed.

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Thanks, never tried that.