Nanite repair paste

I know that you can use nanite repair paste to repair overheated modules and you can also load your armor repairer with nanites to repair damage. But is it worth it? Nanite paste isn’t exactly the cheapest.

If one unit saves your 1b isk fit, you would think it worth 1b isk.

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It’s worth to repair low- and mid-slots mainly.

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It is always useful to face an enemy who is prepared to die for his country. This means that both you and he have exactly the same aim in mind. ~ also Tacticus.

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Wait hold up you mean to tell me I’m not supposed to eat it?

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It tastes better than crayons, it’s got that going for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Perhaps add a pinch of Veldspar to it?

Silly rabbits! Everybody knows Nanite paste is for your hair! When the pod unplugs and the helmet comes off it’s the only way to snap back into style with a smile!


Yes indeed they are worth it.

Being able to repair mods without having to dock or tether is very useful. Especially in enemy territory.

And the AAR is much more effective than a tech2 armour repair…until you run out of paste.


if you are in enemy space and had a fight , overheat , nanite , boom next fight
totally worth it
the repair modules are for pvp (in some rare cases abyssal content )
they are better (heal more) than the normal ones that only use capacitor
BUT they run out of charges and have to be reloaded
the point is that you can survive large DPS for a short time , some fits use one normal and one ancillary,
you are betting that you will be able to kill your target and survive before the more constant repair of the normal modules proves to be better

the ingredients are kinda expensive


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Probably adapted by General Patton into his more succinct saying:

“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

Can we just go to the logical extreme of this thread?

Why bother living?

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Once you PVP for a while you will find that nanite paste isn’t much of a cost. In fact I haven’t bought it in a long time as I get plenty from the wrecks of people we kill. In any case you want to gain any advantage you can get. Nanite might cost isk but gives you an edge with the AAR or repairing heated modules in the field. Then there are drugs which cost isk but can give a significant boost to performance. Then stack that with implants… It is amazing what you can squeeze out of some ships with the right investment.

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Its easy if you just become the craziest fellow in the platoon.

“Im not here to die for my country. Im here to die WHEN ITS FUNNIEST LOL”

Nanite repair paste is small, so it’s usually worth it to bring some any time you expect to overheat your modules and a chance of survival. The paste may allow you to overheat and survive a second fight.

And the ancillary armour repairer with paste is powerful in quick fights. Grab a regular armour repairer for extended PvE fights however.

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Different Tacticus, @Ramona_McCandless was paraphrasing the Roman writer and soldier, I was ripping off Terry Pratchett’s caricature of him from Jingo

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Still, comparison is good