I really wanna take a nap. Bored at work and taking a nap would probably show up on my performance review. So I read about them as I had a hard time staying awake reading these forums.


Here ya go, buddy.

No, no…glad to help.


I want to go to one of those sleeping theater things they have in Japan. You pay your admission, then lie on a recliner in an almost-dark room, with very slow, very soft light patterns moving across the ceiling in relaxing rhythms. Of course there’s the sleep music like in the post above to help knock you out. I’m getting sleepy while typing about it.

So to wake myself up, here’s some anti-sleep typing. I used to be an exchange visitor teacher at a high school in Japan. One time all of the English teachers (all local guys, except me) went to this training/retreat thing in the country. Our bunking down area was one big room with tatami mats on the floor. After dinner with some beers, we all put down our futons and blankets for some sleep. We had maybe 10 guys age 25-60, skinny, fat, short, tall. Before long, the loud snoring started. Snoring is one of the most obnoxious sounds there is, by the way. (So I’ve been told by my wife and daughter). First, traveling from the distant southeast sector of the room. Then, when you managed to get back to sleep, right next to you, from the east. After you contemplated that for a while and eventually managed to drift off again, you’d emerge from strange, uncomfortable dreams to and wake up to big-decibels snoring crossing over from all points of the compass. That’s when you have the epiphany: “My body has eyelids, to shut off incoming light. But no earlids. Why, dear Bob? Why?”

The next morning, we all woke up earlyand bleary-eyed for the incoming breakfast, and then the day of training/bonding thing. It wasn’t until we’d finished our breakfast and everyone was packing up their gear to move out that Watanabe-sensei loudly joke-mumbled to everyone, “Like sleeping in a zoo.” I never thought about it until now, but I was probably one of the great horrible snorers, at some point.


Im in japan. Apparently 16 year olds are selling their bodies for 200 dollars a bang.

But, i am unable to find either one.

Man, I want to throw every insult in the book at you for this.
Sleep, wow, I miss it!

Make no mistake though, I honour sleep even when I have enough … wait, hold on, i’m wrong!
There’s never enough sleep in someone’s day!

Sleep! The power of Zzzzzzzz!
*zaps random people into sleep*

Anyway… the forum’s haven’t had such a weird time in ages! There’s apparently always the same three people posting under different names, and they’re so bad at it, it’d be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that their behaviour screams radicalism.


omg creepy

I know right.

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Naps are a very underrated part of the “not getting people killed” process. I endorse them.

Also do I count as one of the three people always posting?

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