NC dot mascot spotted in Finland under the bridge

Few weeks back I took photo of skull wearing cowboy hat under the bridge. I shared photo with finnish community since it looked funny. One member of finnish community noticed that this photo resembles NC dot mascot and I had to agree with him.

This raised important question in my mind. WTF is NC dot mascot doing in Finland under the bridge?


I am more curious as to why you where under a bridge, are you a troll?. Does finland even have trolls?, so many questions…

It’s not ‘a bridge’. Apparently it’s ‘the bridge’.

TIL there’s only 1 bridge in Finland.

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Well thats another question, also it could be a special bridge.

Aah so spiky comments. This is true spirit of EVE online. I LOVE this. Give me more this and roast me hard!

There’s 13,000 bridges actually. Maybe the OP forgot that in English there’s a diference between “a” and “the”. Maybe there are no articles in Finnish and whether is “a”, “the”, “this” or “that” bridge depends upon context…

Just guessing, but languages are a funny thing. :grin:

I was genuinely interested, as to why you are hanging around under bridges. For all i know it’s something finns do as a tradition, could it be a delayed PTSD reaction. From when we here in sweden managed to loose finland to the russians, or hiding from all the raking and vacuuming of the forests…

I hope to go to Finland someday. Two of my favorite bands, Steve ‘n’ Seagulls and Moonsorrow are from there. And I read that most people in Finland slept in cardboard boxes as babies. Because the government gives the family of every new baby a kit, which includes diapers, a little baby suit, a baby blanket, vitamins or milk formula or something, and the box for a crib. They started that in the 1930s or something, to help every baby get the basics for a good start. Pretty smart and cool, no?

Also Finland has the highest literacy rate in Europe or the world, highest math scores, or something similar that I can’t recall. And they’re the most physically affectionate people in Europe, as far as touching each other goes. That could be good or bad I suppose, depending on what you’re used to. Anyway, I’d like to visit someday.

Cool story bro!

You may be right there. I have never seen someone being so affectionate, even towards food.

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