NDX1 - Leaving the default corp with 11% taxe rate until you find the corp that fit your playstyle

Hi there,

Did you know that all new characters are in the default NPC corp?
I didn’t few days ago. Also find out I was paying 11% tax rate (doh!) to a NPC corp…

Anyway, feel free to join us until you find the corp that fit your play-style.
Until then, you won’t pay high tax rate (0.7%) and maybe you receive residual dividend (work-in-progress) until you find a new corp.

Stark Industries - Residual Dividend [NDX1]
Roberto and I want to create a decent residual dividend corp. Its about it for now, since we need to figure out some game mechanic and setup our spreadsheet properly, but still, this is the main objectif here, so feel free to send us your feedback, suggestion or let us know if you want to get involved. Not sure if we gonna be able to make something great out of it, but we gonna give it a try.

Frank Stark: CPA student (IRL)
DrRoberto: Mutual fund advisor (IRL)

What Is a Residual Dividend?
A residual dividend is a dividend policy whereby the amount of dividends paid to shareholders amounts to what profits are left over after the corporation has paid for its capital expenditures (CapEx) and working capital costs.

Corporations that use a residual dividend policy fund CapEx with available earnings before paying dividends to shareholders. This means the dollar amount of dividends paid to investors each month will vary.

How a Residual Dividend Works
A residual dividend policy means companies use earnings to pay for CapEx first. Dividends are then paid with any remaining earnings generated.

A company’s capital structure typically includes both long-term debt and equity. CapEx can be financed with a loan (debt) or by issuing more stock (equity).

Return on assets (ROA), calculated as net income divided by total assets, is commonly used to assess management’s decision-making and the success of a residual dividend policy.

Roadmap winter 2022
Rank & roles
Market spreadsheet (testing & ajustments)
Financial reports (public google sheet)
Dividend config & test
Getting feedback
Web site

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