NPC corporation tax should be removed

Once upon a time there were no tax for player bounties in NPC corporations, then some of the players continuously complained that other players use NPC corporations to hide from wardecs and farm lvl 4 missions in perfect safety (1), CCP introduced 11% tax as a payment for the safety (2). Some of the players tried to avoid the tax by creating a 1-man corporations or joining the other corporations (3). After a while, powerful corporations started to wardec every corp they encountered, including mining corporations, newbie corporations, academies etc (4). Some adapted by switching corps, others complained about griefing and/or left the game. So, CPP changed the system again and now you can’t wardec the corporation without property in space. (5) and we returned to state (1) but with NPC tax.

NPC corporation has the benefit of active multiple players, chat is interesting to read sometimes, players often help the newbies to learn the game and compared to help channels it isn’t overloaded with obvious questions. Also, the most important is that NPC corporation has equality and neutral leadership. Player won’t be kicked out if he isn’t playing, or can’t use voice comms, or just because the CEO was drunk and mad at everyone.

When the newbie player encounter the 11% tax and want to avoid it, he can:

  • ignore it (ok for miners, producers, traders)
  • join factional warfare (but you’ll have obvious combat troubles)
  • join player corporation (if you ok with following someone’s orders and authority)
  • create a 1-man corp (if you don’t want to be ruled… but you’ll loose the chat channel with hundreds of people)
  • try to create a a corporation with multiple people (leadership and recruiting problems, people leaving, time zone and language problems etc, so not for everyone)

So now I’m asking why players in NPC corporations should be penalized with 11% tax, when you can have the same level of safety in 1-man corp? Isn’t it better to have at least some level of socializing in NPC corp instead of playing alone? I think if someone plays casually and don’t like the social obligations in player corporations and then this person is forced to sit 1-man corporation is more likely to leave the game then the player who stays in NPC corporation. What do you think?


I think rather than all this, if you created a chat channel and invited everyone you liked to chat with into it, then that would achieve your goal.


Yes it also works for socializing, but there will be no new and random people.

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Make your channel open to the public, give it a groovy name, and drop a few advertising cans in starter systems. Have an alt in the starter corp to let people know it exists. Tbh it can be as big or small as you like.

CCP should raise npc corp tax to 25% in line woth poverty patching guidelines.

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Yes, but there also tons of other chat channels already there. Just drop by If you want new and random people.

They need to remove wars first. If they remove the tax, then that will trivialize the war feature. If they remove wars, that would no longer be a concern, so then the tax could go too.

I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything right now …


You can already opt out of wars in player corps by not anchoring a structure or POS

But the main issue is they want to encourage people to spread out and join player runs corps rather than to squat in the NPC corp their entire life, and now that wars are “opt-in” there really isn’t any benefit to sitting in an NPC corp anymore

Add npc tax to non-wardeccable corps.


This was obviously what they should’ve done in the beginning, and we told them that this would happen, so it’s safe to assume that they intended the outcome to be as it is now.

If I had my say in it, I would’ve raised all high-sec PvE income by 30%, and implemented a 25% tax for all non-wardeccable corporations.

I think Daichi’s got a good suggestion there. There should be a risk/reward gradient built into EVE at many levels, such that playing it safe costs you noticeable rewards, and taking risks pays off.

It could easily be something like 12% NPC corp tax for bounties/missions in 1.0/0.9 space, 11% in .8/.7 space, 10% in .6/.5 space, and so on downwards. Want to earn more? Take some risk?

Non-wardeccable corps should probably be paying something like 3% tax on bounties/missions for the additional protection they receive. (Above the corp tax rate)

Yes, nobody likes to pay taxes. On the other hand, EVE needs ISK sinks, risk/reward balancing, and incentives to join real corps that take on real risk. If a simple tax can achieve those things then tax away!

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People shouldn’t be able to make corporations before they’ve been part of an active one for a few months.
It makes zero sense to allow people, who lack leadership skills, to have leadership positions.
Yet plenty of people will absolutely believe they’re destined to leading others.

There should also be a way of revoking someone’s “license” to create corporations …
… so we have ways of preventing, or keeping in check, assholes like Naari Naarian/Imperateur Dictateur.

But what if I’m a big-shot professional businessman in real life, and want to apply my outside-the-box critical thinking skills to the mining sector in order to leverage commodity market synergies for maximum ROI to my stakeholders?

I went to a mid-tier college, and am an assistant regional manager in a carpet wholesale chain. Obviously I’d make a good CEO in EVE Online, right? I’m going to draft the employee code of conduct ASAP, and recruitment will begin shortly. We will have a very competitive mineral buy-back program! Ops will be twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Not-red-don’t-shoot only.

Stop trying to kill Billy

Thats my job

Nice way of doing that with cores patch lol

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Not really sure what quantum cores have to do with this, the tax exists to tax people using NPC corps as a wardec haven, seeing as a corp without a structure, and by extension no core requirement, is wardec immune i’m not seeing the link between the two

I think that CCP implements game mechanics that benefits EVE’s economy and their bottom line.
If they see a problem or a shortfall somewhere within the game, they adjust it, whether it’s Tax rate, ore reallocation, return on ore reprocessing, nerfing, boosting…

The ideas and proposals I read in this thread are troublesome, to say the least.
The use of tax rates manipulation to force players into or out of something ( like preventing them to create a corporation or forcing them to join one and other silliness of that sort ) is NOT indicative of an open-world sandbox, sounds more like tyranny and taxation without representation.

I’m SO glad that CCP isn’t swayed by the arguments put forward in these forum.

But its CCP who put the tax on NPC Corps.

So they arent going to be swayed by his or your suggestions either then and thats ok too?

So this thread is, in your opinion, pointless?

I have no suggestions in this thread.