"Near" Perfect Subcap Char 160.9 MIL SP

Min Offer: 158 Billion ISK
Bid Increment: 500 Mil
Eve Board Password: 42CatPics

Very Shiney stuffs!!

Maruaders 5
Black OPS 5, Cyno 5, Graviton Physics 5, Cloaking 5
All Tactical dessies and tech 3 Crusiers L5.
Logistics, HACS, HIC’s, Interdictors and Recon Level 5.
Command Destroyers and Command ships Level 5.
All Pvp Links/Fleet boosting Level 5 (Except Fleet Command L4)
Leshak and Drekavac Level 5.


If you agree to purchase give me 1-2 days to empty Assets.

115Bil Offer

120b offer

120.5Bil. If you’re serious about selling, I would suggest you join an NPC corp as CCP rules & Regulations

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ah yes forgot that one, Bump

Edit: Done

I see some people thought they posted but…

" Min Offer: 158 Billion ISK "

I am not desperate. Appreciate the thought though.

bump: might even consider something even close to the minimum bid.


Legit_Salesgirl or Kazim: 142 Bil.

Final offer to those two people.

Sale of Character cancelled. thank yo for playing the low ball bait game