Need a death sound when decommissioning a PI Colony

Just like the Biomass soundbyte of death, we need a disturbing soundbyte for the action of decommissioning a PI Colony. If you think about it, you were running a colony, potentially with hundreds/thousands of inhabitants working on those extractors/factories…etc…etc…etc

Decommissioning a colony is like abandoning those people to their own fate, potentially turning off the power, letting the atmospheric retention systems go offline, and just leaving it a cold/hot dark place.

There should be screams of terror, agony, fear, death, and other disturbing sounds coming to you when you click that special button.

Please get the sound team on this!

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Nah, should sound more like workers rioting in the streets.

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Why? You arent actually managing a “colony” but what amounts to the eve-equivalent of an open ocean oil drilling platform. When it’s decommissioned you’re essentially saying “this operation has reached the end of it’s working life, go home.”


Nope, you’re not bio-massing or killing anyone when you decommission, just closing an operation, you don’t even bother to recover any on-site materials or plant so even if we assume the staff don’t just go home anyone left behind to fend for themselves have some resources & depending on the planet type are unlikely to die for days, weeks, months… or ever.

Besides… if memory serves these are supposed to be largely automated with very few staff or none.

Imagine the job interview…

Employer: “So you are aware that eventually you will be left on the planet and have to fend for your self, feeding off the other people and basically live in total anarchy?”

Applicant: “Yes absolutely, where do i sign up!??!”

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i’m shocked this didn’t get more immediate support! I was enjoying the dark and disturbing side of the no-remorse EVE when this idea came up on comms. I enjoy that there are differing ideas about how we imagine the PI colonies to function, and if the backstory is that they are really soulless automated complexes then that takes away a little bit of the “harsh reality” of the EVE universe that I was envisioning.

So, unless someone else picks up the banner here and supports the cries of death and wailing that I imagined in my head, then this idea can just fade away in a similarly quiet and sterile demise as a PI Colony.

In general though - find more places to insert terrible sounds of death into the game. Some wilhelm screams ( would also be appreciated.

It’s a nice thought, just doesn’t gel too well with existing lore :slight_smile: