⭕️ Need a New Corp? Opressor Galactia Pain corporation is NOW RECRUITING

Who Were Recruiting:

  • Miners / Gass hass huffers

  • Keen pvp / pve people

  • Explorers

  • Everyone whether your 1 min new or a 10 year old vet returning back

  • people able of boosting mining ops

Why we want you:

We want you because we want to give you the best possible boost and opportunities the game has to offer.

What we do:

We run often fleets on various types of activities. (These fleets will get pinged in our discord server). Working on industry and lucrative activities as-well.

What we offer:

  • A discord server with coms and pings of upcoming fleets

  • A competitive recruiting system

  • Regular fleets for all activities

  • A well established buyback program

  • Partner ship with a Worm-hole division (work in progress)

  • Helping you make BILLIONS (this is very achievable within 1 month of training and 350M isk)

What we aim to achieve in the future:

  • Owning a player structure and controlling a whole wormhole along with POCO’s

  • A 24/7 active corp so your able to join in into any fleet any time

  • Having a successful and self sustaining corporation.


  • Come have fun with us

Email me in-game or comment if you interested or have any questions.

Fly dangerous o7.


Autz time zone but expanding that to 24/7

Still recruiting

Now Recruiting!

still open

Recruiting open

Recruiting open

Recruiting open

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