♦️ OGP is now recruiting!

About OGP

OGP or Opressor Galactia Pain is a Corp willing to help you make the best isk/h time can buy. We are hoping to expand and own a few structures. And also newbie friendly.

What we offer

  • A reliable buy back program

  • Regular fleet Ops

  • in a friendly alliance

  • Competitive recruitment program

  • Discord server for coms and those late night questions

Who we’re recruiting

  • Experienced pilots able to guide the newbies

  • newbies

  • Keen pilots

What we’re hoping to achieve in the future

  • Own multiple structures

  • Have multiple pilots to run fleets

  • Become a 24h active Corp.

Hope to cya in Corp.

Fly safe o7

Recruiting is Open

pub channel?

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Sure I’ll send you an ingame mail with it

Recruiting open

Recruiting open

Recruiting Open

Recruiting is temporarily closed if you still want to join please email me

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