‼️🔴Opressor Galactia Pain. Industry / combat

Hiring / looking for

  • Miners

  • Keen combat pilots

  • Experienced pilots who can boost regular mining fleets

Who we are

We’re a newly founded Corp looking for anyone to join. Most of our activities will be around 0600 - 1200 eve time (this will expand with more players).
We have an ore buy back program to take the hauling out of your day.


  • Reliable ore buy back program

  • Corp discord server for fleet pings and comms

  • Getting you into big isk

  • Regular fleet Ops

  • Pilot training program for the big isk


  • Once we get more people we’re going to get a Corp owed structure

  • Lowsec and WH Ops

  • Enough players world wide to make it a 24 hr active Corp

  • Ship loaning

If your here to make isk, become apart of the games history and most importantly have fun come join us.

(PM / email me with any questions and / or if you’ve joined and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs)

Fly safe o7

Drop a comment of some sort please. it really helps

We’re now recruiting

If you here PLEASE leave a comment on what you think

Still looking for players

Recruiting is open

Recruiting open

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