Need a PVE Damnation fit

Yea I wana melt l4s with a damnation … and suggestions?


Hams rapid rep link,mwd,battery,web,a good reper, 3x c3x ballistics,fill rest with whatever you like


from my experience command ships are no good with level 4’s because of the heavy tank requirement.

It’s really strange: my sleipnir fit can out-tank null sec Sanctums, but fails in some level 4’s - this is because a few level 4 missions have extremely high damage output especially at close range.

You may have better success with a T3 cruiser - these seem quite popular with a few soloists. Otherwise it’s Battleship…or Marauder is the recommended top-tier ship for level 4’s due to their ability to tank + dps simultaneously.

I have suggestion about that but you won’t like it at all - don’t fly a Damnation for level 4 missions.

Here is a list of max damage fit command ships without the matar ones since I don’t fly minmatar:

Astarte: 1500-1600dps
Eos: 1100dps
Vulture: 1100dps
Nighthawk: 1200dps
Absolution: 1000dps
Damnation: 750dps
claymore: 700-ish dps

No idea what the sleipnir does, I never trained autocannons beyond small to level 1.

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