SOE LVl 4 Legion fits I really need help

I need help fitting a legion for lvl 4 mission of SOE. I thank you ahead of time for your time and advice.

Good luck with that… lasers will be weak vs matar ships and missiles will mean playing catch up

What is the problem with your fit? You should be using Nova Rage Heavy Assault Missiles on Angels and Scourge Rage on Serpentis. Your Tank will need to be either expensive or at least a dual Medium Armour Repper.

What is your budget? The Legion can do L4 missions with ease, but be aware that you will never be as fast or efficient as in a battleship, mainly because you lack DPS and range. Also you will be a prime target for gankers, since as a cruiser, you won’t have much buffer and can be easily ganked with just a few cheap destroyers.

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