Need help about alliance

I have heard about some 3rd party program that some alliances use where corp ceo’s have to register with. Upon registering the alliance exeutor can see if and what structures a corp has etc. Does anyone know the name of this 3rd party tool. ?


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Nobody out there knows ?

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I’ve never heard of an app like that, course I’ve never needed one like it so there’s that…

Maybe look in the ‘Third Party Developers’ sub-forum, might find it there…

You’re probably looking for something like this:

A cursory look at their ‘community creations’ page lists a plugin/addon for indexing alliance structures.

Note that I do not use this program, have never used this program, do not intend to use this program, and know nothing about how to use this program, so I can not answer any questions related to the subject beyond what I’ve already said.


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