Question about the EVE API on a website

Good morning fellow pilots!

I am setting up a corporation website and I am in need of some help or advice. I’d like the website to be able to list all members as soon as they authorize themselves with the API and then list them all as members with their roles, titles, names, SP, and locations. So we can also have a leaderboard in the corporation so to say… is this all possible at all, and if so, how do I go about setting this up exactly?

Just in case I may have made this confusing, I want the website to;

1.) Add you to the members’ list if you are in the corp, otherwise, deny permissions.
2.) Create a leaderboard that shows time in the corporation, skill points, and/or kills/deaths
3.) Have the option to mass mail the Corp members via an Admin page for the CEO and Directors of the corporation. (This is kinda optional since I can just go in-game and do it…)

Thanks a lot and I hope someone can help me with this, I would give that person access to the website as well so they can help me set it all up.

Fly safe pilots! o7

MineBro. Director

Awesome Eve have almost all the software people have written for eve, that is still maintained and publicly available. So, if you don’t want to write it yourself, that should be your first stop. Stuff like AllianceAuth and SeAT does a good job of corporation management. whether that fit your needs is for you to find out.

Also, please don’t expect anyone to do your corporation IT for free.

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