Need Market Spreadsheet Help

I’m trying to build a google sheet which imports the order history for a region for a bunch of items. I can import the data using a function and the function returns the data in an array of multiple rows and columns for each item.

The problem I’m having is that the data wont expand because when i use the autofill dragging, the subsequent functions are blocking where the data needs to expand, so I just get the error thrown up in the picture. I know I have to leave enough space between each function so the arrays can expand, but I do not know how to do this other than manually, which is not ideal since i need a few hundred of these arrays.

So is there a way that I can autofill the sheet so that there is enough spacing between the functions so that the arrays will expand?


when you use a function in a cell that imports multiple columns and rows you can’t have data in the cells that the imported date would occupy, if you want multiple Item’s history to be shown on a single sheet you need to place the functions according to the data size (Columns and Rows).

I understand, but how do I do this easily instead of having to manually space hundreds of functions? or is that not possible?


Don’t know if that is possible with Google Sheets. It will probably require you to use a more professional program, like Open Office, MS Excel or similar, where you can create scripts to manipulate your sheets (not sure if google sheets has an option to add scripts).

My immediate suggestion would be to just stick to 1 history per sheet. You could have a feature to lookup an Item in a “database” (another sheet in same document) to find it’s TypeID (should be a TypeID dump somewhere) and then do a request for the item’s history.

Yeah I was worried that might be the case but I can do that, thank you for your help.

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