Need to buy something or get rid of it? Ask me do to it for you!

Find A Buyer For Your…You Name it

Got something you want to sell/buy but can’t find a person that has/wants it? Well I can, for 10% of the price of the price I will scour the market of different forums, discords and subreddits for someone willing to buy your thingamajig, from characters to 300 bill worth of trash in your storage hanger, I will find someone for you and connect yall.

Some basic information:

  • No I am not trading it for you, im just bringing 2 people together for a transaction

  • I do not ask for a fee before the service, once I connect and a sale has been made, you pay me.

  • What makes me better than you at finding people?
    I have access to dozens of markets and private channels, forum pages and subreddits.

  • I usually deal with things that arent common on the market, High sp characters or extensive lists of items that people want to tell in bulk, not a single venture or a bunch of ore.

Any questions feel free to comment and ask.
If you want my service leave a message here (or better) contact my discord: genji5287

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