NEFARIOUS INDUSTRIALISTS: Recruiting Indys and Manufacturers!

NEFARIOUS INDUSTRIALISTS is an industrial corporation operating in the Essence Region of Gallente space. We operate during the night hours of US Eastern Time Zone (EST). We are flag-bearing members of the alliance MILDY UNPROFESSIONAL. We’re looking to recruit industrialists interested in constructing capital ships!

Industry is our main corp focus: from manufacturing to research, INDNF is developing capital ship production chains for big ISK! Members have access to great highsec mining and alliance-run fleets in lowsec anomalies, and corp members can sell their ore and salvage to the corporation for quick ISK. Mining Barges are available on loan or sold at discounted rates, and there are plenty of pilots with Orca boosts available.

To apply, please go to our EVE-HR site and fill out a questionnaire. From there, join our public channel NFINT Public in-game or join us on Discord to speak with a recruiter.

We hope to see you out there. Fly safe! o7

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