Negative Density [D3NSE] - Wormhole PvPers - Recruiting Vets and Newer Bros!

Get your pew here! :gun:

Welcoming in new players who either have experience of PvP or are keen to learn.

Looking for people just like you! :eyes:

I’m interested what hi-sec systems are you nearest to? I just got back into eve 85 mil sp.

Hi Roolo Oramara,

First step is to contact me in game. We can they arrange to chat on discord.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh man, good to see this corp is still going strong. ISK Lord FTW, D3NSE is the best experience I had in this game.


(yes, I’m slowly making my way back into NE, will contact you when I download the client again)

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Looking for new pilots! Convo / mail me any time. Thanks o7

Great corp for wormhole PvP.

Jedi masters -> padawans all welcome! :shipitparrot:

Very nice. Just trying to get past the robonanny to be able to post something of my own.

I would recommend D3NSE to anyone looking for a WH corp. I had a great time while with them. They always had a fleet quickly formed when targets were found while scanning wh’s. Might give you guys a shout ingame if i ever get more time to play again!



Hi Ravnik

Sounds good! o7

Looking for new members! :slight_smile:

PvPers step right up…

Make your 2020 an EVE Year with D3NSE! :crossed_swords:

Looking for a great wormhole PvP corp?
Contact me today! :slight_smile:

Merc contracts = content + ISK!

Plus you can do all the usual wormholery stuff on the side!

Ever wanted to be a mercenary? In wormhole space?

Here’s your chance!

Mail me in game and tell me a bit about yourself!

All experience levels welcome!

Great WH gaming and great group of guys!