Negative Density [D3NSE] - Wormhole PvPers - Recruiting Vets and Newer Bros!

We put the Pee in PvP! :sweat_drops:

Happy Weekend!

Plenty of pew and loot right here! :moneybag:

Get paid to PvP!

Get in touch today!

Seeking wormhole PvP vets and those looking to develop PvP skills, as part of a tight group.

Interested? ??

Mail me in game and we can go from there!

We’re all about working as a tight PvP team…

Players best suited are those who enjoy socializing, are self-sufficient and driven, and get a buzz from small-med gang fights flying a variety of doctrines.

To get in touch, just drop me a mail and tell me a bit about yourself.

EvE career rather than shoe size! :laughing:

We can take it from there.

D3NSE are recruiting!

Recruitment OPEN!

Happy Weekend!