Nemesis Theory, the PvP place to be!

Hello all you pirates/soldiers and whatever you call the mining folk of today! Our corp thought it would be a good idea to extend our hand to the forums for recruitment opportunities so here we are.

Nemesis Theory leadership consists of a couple veteran players who really enjoy most aspects of the game. We specialize in small-gang PvP both armor and shield based, organizing a gang or two throughout the week currently.

If you haven’t looked at our killboard, we currently reside in Immensea/Catch region with ties in Tenerifis and consistently police the area as best we can.

We can offer capital support to both make money and to whelp if you so desire as well.

Main thing here is that we’re looking for both newer players who want to learn and be an asset to an entity and veterans who’d like to take a chill-pill and come around to have fun with us…which is what we’re mainly about anyway.

Bickering and pettiness of course is not tolerated in the slightlest so don’t worry about that if it’s a concern. If any of this sounds interesting please contact Sunch/Gallataki/Dr Peter Quill in-gameòr join us in our recruitment channel ‘SUN-2 Recruitment’ and we’ll get you into our lounge!

bump! Already got some folk, the more the merrier!

Bump from a vet +1

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