Neo Vista Security - Casual Mission Running Light RP

So right off the bat, this is really more of a “Come hang out with me if you want to do SoE missions and chit chat and use /emotes while we’re at it.” ad.

That being said, Neo Vista Security is just me right now and I am currently working full time so I only get to play a few hours in the evening most days in the PST time zone. I have done many things on other clones, but right now I mostly have time to casually run missions and fly around on stoned space adventures. Obviously consider joining me if you have a similar situation.

Is it super important you actually join the Corp?
Not really, if you happen to run SoE Missions from random stations I would be glad to make your acquaintance any how.

Can I just join and fly with you once then AFK forever?
Sure, ■■■■ it.

What if I actually want to join for some reason, will you organize something worth doing with you???
Hey, actually I had this nutty idea to run a sort of dungeons and dragons esque tabletop roleplay based in EVE, perhaps using combat missions as part of a player motivated narrative. Maybe a discord can be involved, I don’t know yet.

All in all the idea is to get back into EVE to distract me from the dread grind of day to day life unto dust and oblivion, and if you’re into that: hit me up.:joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::hotsprings::100::100::100:

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