Neo Vortex - "Pioneering Industry Beyond the Event Horizon." [C2, USTZ]

About Us

Welcome to Neo Vortex, a pioneering industrial corporation operating within the depths of wormhole space under the Seker Academy alliance. We are committed to pure industry, catering exclusively to seasoned industrialists who are eager to excel in New Eden through the various industrial benefits of J-space. Our mission is to cultivate a thriving community of individuals united by a shared passion for production and resource extraction in J-Space.

Timezone: USTZ (US Time Zone)
Location: C2 Wormhole with a High-Sec and C3 Static

Who Are We Looking For?

Neo Vortex seeks industrious pilots who:

  • Possess a minimum of 5 million skill points
  • Embrace the challenges and rewards of wormhole life and are willing to abide by the rules required to succeed within it.
  • Are primarily industry-minded. This is an indy corp, focusing primarily on industrial operations. If you seek a more well-rounded playstyle, this corp may not be for you.
  • Flourish within a USTZ environment. This is where most of us are, making it rather important.
  • Dedicated industry alts are welcome, but they NEED to be active.

We welcome individuals with a comprehensive understanding of game mechanics, prepared to immerse themselves in the intricacies of industry. This isn’t a Newbro corp, so please don’t come in expecting that.However this also isn’t an elite corp. We know you have a life outside of EvE. We simply seek people who know they want to do industry and base themselves in J-Space.

What We Offer

From high-security ice and veldspar mining fleets to ventures into low-security gas and ore anomalies within Amarr space, we offer a diverse range of industrial activities.

Join Neo Vortex and benefit from:

  • Access to cutting-edge manufacturing facilities within our C2 wormhole. Most things you can make from wormholes, you can make here.
  • Ridicucloulsy good PI; You’re able to make most anything easily.
  • A C3 static dedicated to farming, be it mining, ratting or huffing.
  • Regular high-security ice and veldspar mining fleets for lucrative ventures (what you mine is free after all!)
  • Opportunities to explore and exploit low-security gas and ore anomalies
  • A supportive community dedicated to industry and production

Delve into the boundless opportunities of wormhole space with Neo Vortex. Connect with us on Discord to learn more about your prospective journey.

Why Choose Neo Vortex?

At Neo Vortex, we prioritize:

  • Collaboration: Work closely with experienced industrialists in a cooperative environment. Selfishness has no place here.
  • Growth: Expand your skills and knowledge through engaging industrial activities, with ample opportunities for advancement within this space.
  • Prosperity: Take advantage of lucrative opportunities unique to wormhole space, and rest assured that your interests align harmoniously with others’.

Whether you’re seeking new industrial opportunities or a fresh start to the world of dedicated industry, Neo Vortex offers the platform to realize your ambitions.

Ready to Craft Your Future?

If you’re prepared to embark on a rewarding industrial journey, apply to Neo Vortex today. Embrace the complexities of wormhole life and unlock the limitless potential of New Eden alongside us.

Join our Recruitment channel in game (Neo Cataclysmica), or join our discord to see if Neo Vortex is right for you!

Discord: Seker Matar

“Envision. Create. Ascend, with Neo Vortex.”


Still Recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

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Still Recruiting!