Wormhole corp now recruiting a few good capsuleers

Good day people! Neo Vortex, a wormhole corp living in a C2- HS/C3 is looking for a few recruits to take part in our shenanigans.

We enjoy pvp and making Isk. We operate mainly on all four USTZ’s and we have a presence online nearly 24/7.

If you have a way to make isk in WH space and a desire to pvp please look us up.

We have experienced leadership and a great FC. Please send me a message or join channel Neo Vortex with any questions.


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You know you want to have some small gang PvP fun!

I may be interested. Can we speak in game?

Yes indeed. Message Peevee EEE

To the top! Message Peevee EEE or join Neo Vortex channel in game.