Neocon 2 app not syncing

I recently downloaded the Neocom 2 app onto my iPhone/ iOS. I login to my character, and it does show things more or less. The problem I am having, is that the app indicates skills to train for which I have already completed. How to get this to properly sync? In error, it also shows skills in the current active training queue, even though I recently completed them over 2 hours ago.

My next question is about the skill planner - is only used for reference? How to place the skills from the planner into active training queue?

I like the idea of using my iPhone when away from the PC, and still being able to actively manage activities such as skill training, market, etc.

Check for app update. This issue has been fixed already.

Won’t happen ever. EVE allows to send mails from 3rd party apps. However skill management, market orders changes etc can be done only in-game.

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