Skills - ESI list when in Alpha

Hello, I was playing with Neocom II beta yesterday, and was looking at the skills of an alt. I could swear that character had Exhumers V, but Neocom II wasn’t showing it as one of his skills. Not even listing it as a skill he had injected. (When I got home, I logged onto him, and yes he has Exhumer V)

I am trying to find out if the ESI API and Alpha state just mask any omega skills a character has while they are in Alpha state and when you are looking at what skills they have via the ESI API in a tool. Not sure if it is an Neocom II issue or a global issue.

Anyone have any ideas why this would be?

TL:DR - Neocom II doesn’t list a characters omega skills while in alpha state. Is this an ESI API issue, a development issue for the app (would love to see if any other app does the same or not. Needs to SSO log in to do proper testing) or some other random issue?

ESI does some special stuff with skills (assuming it is using newest version). It will include your active_skill_level AND your trained_skill_level Where the your active level is based on alpha state, while trained is whatever you actually have it trained to.

If Neocom II is using the latest non-dev version then that is not seperated so well, as i only gives you current_skill_level, so that must be based off alpha status.

The dev of Neocom has the ability to say like You have this skill trained to x, but current only level y is active

Okay. Cool. My mind just got blown up. So it is more of a Neocom II dev choice.

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