NEPF - Bounty Hunting

The New Eden Police Force has added another tool for bounty hunters to aid in their fight against crime. The new tool is a feed for those that currently have bounties on them. This is intended to assist in locating the targets for hunting. This can be seen by the corp members of NEPF and by those that are signed up as bounty hunters on our website by going to:

Bounty Hunters Radar

For those that wish to know more about how our bounty hunting system works just click below:

Bounty Hunting

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like for those that do not have access.

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If you want, I’ll start posting my location here.

I’m currently in Uotila (enroute to Halaima).


I am in Uedama!

Looks like Aiko been a bad girl


Ok, I’m undocking now from Uotila V-VI, I’m diverting to Aramachi to investigate an illegal mining operation.

00:06 UPDATE: Miner in Aramachi has fled the scene. Recon teams are deploying to Waira and Sankassen. No sign of New Eden Pleb Force.

00:13 UPDATE: Suspicious anomaly in Waira. Investigation in progress. No sign of New Eden Pleb Force.


00:18 UPDATE: Illegal mining operation disrupted. Illegals fled the scene. Continuing with routine operational patrol. No sign of New Eden Pleb Force.


00:22 LIVE FEED: “Ah roger that Little Minx, Slinky Cat is in the Pipe, Six by Seven, Inbound. Target is confirmed white glaze overdose in progress.”


00:24 UPDATE: Initiating CONCORD hack attack.

00;27 UPDATE: Miner apprehended. Another successful operation. No sign of New Eden Pleb Force.



It’s good to know that the Aiko bounty board is fully operational. Now we know that there’s a resource out there that can tell us everything about a single individual criminal’s (and no one else’s) activities.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to it because access is limited to exactly half a dozen people who are interested solely in Aiko’s activities.

There is some important details of this report which are missing. I’m here to fill in the blanks…

But first I would like to point out that The Wormhole Police are not AG… We’re more GG because we want the miner dead just as much as Aiko did!


Good Job Aiko! Everyone loves you! (really, no sarcasm!) [poop, it still sound sarcastic!]

If I want to find where Safety are, all I have to do is look for where it says ’ 158 ships destroyed in past hour ’ on the map. It doesn’t require calling in Uri Geller.

See? Everybody knows that antigankers are losers.

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Pest control. Miners unchecked, breed like rabbits.

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You must be old , that time has long gone, gankers don’t gank in those numbers any more with regularity.

So why would NEPF go after Aiko in a hand full of cats that she admits failed to gank anyone except one ship, if AG turned up she would dock .

Now it’s fun how Aiko likes this and doesn’t find this offensive ,with all the drama she caused in other threads to get them lock .

That one like has shown your true colours . You only have to look at your style of posting above , you’re griefing on all levels .

I know you can remove likes so I did a screen shot , in case you retract it

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