Nerf Local alternate solution

I know this in is tough topic for many.
I propose we add either a module (high slot?) that allows you to no longer appear in local (unless you talk, like in wspace) or give it as a role to a ship. Possibly combat recons.
This would allow pirates to sacrifice fitting on thier ships (or force them into a single ship type) in order to help bypass the perfect safety of Intel channels. It also encourages active scouts on gates in null to watch for people entering a system, as you can’t rely entirely on local.
Alright, let me have it.

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this idea would create a virtually mandatory module everyone would fit by default, which equals removing a highslot from every ship.

How about we come up with some sort of ‘space’ where there isnt a local until you speak. If only CCP had thought to put such a great idea into the game…

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