Nergal maximum range bonus - bug or not?

I’m not sure whether the ‘maximum range’ bonus on the Nergal is supposed to be an optimal range bonus but worded differently or it’s something else.

If it’s an optimal range bonus then it’s not applying - In that case should I turn in a bug report?
If it’s a different bonus could you tell me what it does?


With Triglavian ships maximum and optimal are the same thing.

The weapons have no falloff, so there isn’t really a need for an optimal, since there’s nothing beyond that anyway. It’s just a maximum.

It’s probably worth a bug report if the bonus isn’t applying. Better to have it noticed before they hit TQ.

Probably worded wrong

I’ve bug reported it - others were saying the cruiser variant also had an issue of the bonus not applying.

Just one of those things it seems like.

Yeah probably worded wrong but weird.

I mean if it’s an optimal range (like it was for the damavik) it doesn’t change anything. 17Km range with long range ammo is not gonna make the difference. There was a reason if damavik was a fail compared to the other triglavians.

Basicaly an old damavik with more tank and more dps after 1 min and half… likely the fight is already over at that point.

Btw we’ll see

CCP have just decided to change the bonus. It’s quite possible that the description has been changed but the behind the scenes marker that actually apply the bonus have not.

This, the new bonus should be 4% armor per level.

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