Medium energy range bonus - worth it?

Hello fellow capsuleers,

I just had a thought…
For ships with things like 50% range bonus for medium energy weapons, or 25% energy damage bonus for small energy weapons, is it worth it going for them or will a large energy weapon outweigh the advantages of a medium energy weapon with a bonus?

Have any of you equipped large energy weapons to a ship that has medium energy weapons bonuses for example?

Interested to hear your thoughts…

there is this nice application called Pyfa where you can try your fits. I suggest you to try it out with oversized weapons on hulls not designed for them.

The ingame-simulation should work just as fine a Pyfa.

Fitting oversized weapons to hulls with no bonus to them will make interesting fittings for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:


  1. large weapons are less prone to hit small targets (tracking is worse)
  2. large weapons require more cpu/pw, more cap etc

in eve “larger” is not always “better”

Simulating the fit should show you how bad an idea it is.

Large weapons don’t do that much more dps than mediums. For a meager gain in damage and range you’re losing a lot tracking and capacitor.

I can’t imagine you’ll be able to fit a full rack of large weapons on the cruiser/cbc anyways, so you’ll probably be doing less dps anyways.

I’m pretty sure there are no ships that offer range for medium, but damage for small weapons.

Normally, you would go with the weapon that fits the ship. If you are considerably stupid, you can try fitting a larger weapon and find out you will either run out of cpu/GPU, or a smaller weapon and a massive decrease in damage.

The hull range bonuses (to small weapons for destroyers and medium for battlecry users) are interesting and have significant implications.

Firstly, fitting “the next size up” is never a realistic option - power grid and CPU are going to be too limited. You may get a (one) medium turret on a Coercer, but I’d rather have the eight smalls instead to smash frigates.
[Historical Footnote: the term Destroyer is derived from a class of ships designed to destroy frigates. “Frigate Destroyer” became Destroyer - Eve maintains that concept.]
And yes, I know attack battlecruisers, such as the Oracle, fit a turret a size up, but they are designed for that and have compensating weaknesses - they are a bit fragile.
So what does range give you? Options.

You can engage a frigate armed with the same weapons at a longer range. You get the first shot - and you’ll normally have a heavier volley. It compensates somewhat for your lower speed.
You can use more damaging ammunition at the same range as an un-bonused hull. As Energy Turrets are expressly mentioned: this is really useful when you can swap ammo almost instantly. You can hit with x-ray for 20% more damage at the same range as an un-bonused turret with standard.
You can use the short range (pulse) turret more effectively as your engagement range is extended. Or kite at very long range (a Cormorant with railguns).

Eve is about making choices - there’s no “best” it’s all about suitability for the task at hand; your skills and your personal preferences will play a heavy part in that decision.

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