Nestor Re-Fit Titan broken on Test Server?

i tried to use a nestor on a titan in space to refit and got this message:

"You can not fit using this facilities of the nestor because it dows not belong to
a fellow capsuleer corporation member,or to a fellow fleet member. "

never seen this message before.

Is this work as intended ?

  1. did you try to board nestor then board titan?
  2. did you try to use alt to sit in nestor?
  3. no active weapon timers?

try this. grab nestor and regular carrier or dreadnought. fit nestor into hangar go into space eject it and see if can fit from it if not then its bugged

edit. got same error

we “solved” the problem.

The Reason was that i were a member of an npc corp … and with this … the nestor don´t belong to the fleet…

i created a corp … joined … and all went fine.

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