New activity suggestion

New activity: Guided temporary fleet commander of faction forces against opposing faction.

New player experience; participate in an NPC vs. NPC battle in a frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battle cruiser, battleship, carrier, dreadnought and titan.

This would be ‘borrowed’ power to give new and existing players:

A chance to feel the power of ships they don’t have but could have some day
Rewards for assisting in NPC conflicts
Narrative driven stories behind conflicts and engagements.

…and so on.


I could see that being really fun, leading a fleet of NPCs against another fleet of equal power. Could be a great way to teach new players about the different roles of ships.

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I approve of this .

CCPlease !

You learn to be a fleet leader by being in a fleet, having new players jump to the end is not what I would call a good idea.

Where did @John_Solas suggest this idea would train players to be FCs for PC fleets?

This appears to be aimed at NPC PvE combat as a way to see what kinds of things different ship types can do in a fleet situation - which you are otherwise only on the receiving end of in NPC engagements. Illustrating some collaborative effects for friendly ships wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially as it encourages new players to then seek out other players to fleet up with to get said effects.

It sounds like a rather natural expansion on the remote repair advanced combat career mission - introducing a few other support concepts and then having some NPCs you can command in a final training battle to introduce the fleet system would be a reasonable extension of the NPE. I’m not saying it’ll be easy for CCP to set up, but it doesn’t sound like a bad overall concept.


There could be different levels of the activity.
To start, a training or guided scripted training session with objectives.

Progressing to more challenging encounters.
The player would be in a ship that has a commanding presence over the others and would direct fire, repairs and would direct other aspects like movement.

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