New Alpha looking for casual Mining/Industry corp around Evershore and Sinq Laison

Just gotten into the game and am looking for a casual mining / industry corp to join. I currently do a lot of asteroid mining and have started training mining skills but am more than happy to try other play styles as well,
I’m a Gallente Alpha based around Evershore and Sinq Laison so I would prefer to not need to travel half way across the map and through Nil Sec space to get to the corp base, probably wouldnt make it anyway.
Don’t know if it’s important but my net worth is just shy of 21mil
I’m UK based so active time for me will be around 18:00 GMT onward


Check out

Phoenix Naval Systems I think they have some mining and industry.

Just had a look and can’t find them. Thanks tho

Hi Jin,

I have sent you a mail ingame. Hope to speak to you soon.


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