New alpha player, looking for gallente lowsec corporation

Greetings capsuleers,

As the title says , i am a new player currently with alpha clone state . My TZ is EU TZ and i play casually both Eve and the other games that i play due to relatively restricted free time.
I have a combat pilot and a miner/explorer and i am interested in the pve/pvp aspects of the low security space , as much as i am able to do as a new player in frigates and destroyers . If the corporation has an ore buy program that would be excellent.

I won’t reply here on the forum , for those that are interested they can mail me in the game . I am also not in a rush.

I am not interested into highsec, nullsec, Pochven or wormhole corporations !

Thank you for reading, have a good day and i hope that we will be seeing eachother in space soon !

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